Red Interior Home

Add some red passion to your home

People generally avoid red home decor as it is a bold color. However, if used correctly this eye catching color will bring passion to your life at home. You should exactly benefit from seductive red for home decoration. There are many red color shades from burgundy to pale rose that will match your interior design. People living at a home without anything red miss a lot. If you need warmth, energy, passion at your home, try to add a touch of red. You can use red wall paints, red carpets, red curtains, red bed sheets, red leather armchairs or some red accessories which will dramatically change the look of your home.

Take care to choose the correct shade of red wall paint. To determine the corect shade of red wall painting, take the lighting of the room and the color of your furnitures into consideration.

Blue based red shades or deep burgundy looks fine with natural wooden furniture in the dining or living room. It gives a warmth to whole family when gathered together. Als a bright red wall paint will make your neutral colored sofa stand out

Red wall paint in the bathroom is also a good idea as several shades of red goes well with steel or gold fixtures and granite or wooden stuff in the bathroom.

If you have black furniture, bright red wall paint will give an elegant look. Candle lights in a red room with black sofa will help you spend many warm and romantic evenings.

If your couch or furniture set is red, then it is better you use pale and light colors on the walls such as ivory, cream, or pale yellow etc. White wall paint is not recommended with red furniture as it will be too bright.

You can be bold in the bedroom and use red to evoke passion. Bright red satin bed sheets may have a great effect. If you have red bedroom walls, then use black bed sheets to increase the effect

If you have a teenage daughter, a floral theme in her room with some red roses may look fantastic and lively. You can use red floral wallpapers, curtains or bed sheets to create a cheerful and romantic atmosphere that she may like.

There can be thousands of combinations of several shades of red with other colors. You can be inspired by decoration magazines Don’t avoid decorating your home with red but be careful to choose the correct shade and how it will look under light with other colors in your room. Also arrange the colors in a balanced way. As red is a strong color, you shouldn’t have both red walls and red furniture at the same time If you cannot be bold enough to have red walls or red furniture, then use some red decorative accessories For example red cushions on the couch or a red table runner would be striking. A couch with a red based floral design, a red striped armchair or a red based multi colored carpet may also give the same effect. However, at least a seductive red corner at home is strongly advised to make your life more colorful. Be brave enough to try it and see the reaction of your partner or guests.


Power of the color red

Power of the color red cannot be disregarded in life. It triggers passion and heartbeats. Attracts attention. The dangerous red seduces, sexy red is hot! It is the colour of fire both in nature and soul. It is color of blood.

They say that the color red makes your body release adrenalin which arouses your sex glands.

Think about a woman with red nail polish or with hot red lips or in red lingerie or with red high heel shoes… No man can resist a seductive woman in red.

If you go out in the evening in a sexy red dress, all the eyes will be on you. If you prefer a black dress, complete your dress with a red bead necklace and a sexy red lipstick.

Red Bite

Red Bite

You can use the color red in many ways for a great sex life. A red light in the bedroom can make you in the mood. If you prefer black lingerie, you may use red bed sheets. But the best way is using the color red on your body. Wear sexy red nightwear, use a blood red nail polish and red lipstick. Attract your partner with a pair of seductive red high heel shoes worn with black fishnet stockings. Do something red and then observe the effects. Play the matador with your dangerous red weapons such as seductive red lipstick kisses and let your bull attack on you to kill you with pleasure!!! Do not forget that even the birds and flies choose the bright red colored flowers for food and prefer mating with partners with the most attractive colors.

You can use red in many other seductive details. You can start a romantic evening with a glass of red wine before the red bullfight in bed. You can wear an elegant ruby necklace to attract attention. It will have effects like a strong spice in your delicious food.

In what way you use the color red, is up to your imagination. But don’t hesitate to use sexy red in your life. Do yourself a favor today, buy something new, seductive and in red color. It is such a powerful color that can make you feel sexy, attractive, energetic and passionate and make you a seductive woman.