Natural versus Fake Redhead

Red heads have historically received mixed reactions from different people. Some people adore them while others hate them. Some people degrade them while others exalt them. It is no wonder that many people are very fascinated by redheads. It is also for this reason that some people would like to have the appearance of redheads.

Indeed, you don’t have to be a natural redhead in order to be a source of these intriguing emotional extremities. In fact, many people today have taken advantage of this and are trying to have their hair dyed so that it resembles that of a famous red head personality. This is not the fullest extent of the complication of the red headedness issue though; there are different degrees attached to this trait. One could be a ginger, strawberry blonde or auburn red head. This makes it rather difficult to differentiate natural redheads from fake redheads who get lost somewhere within the long continuum scale.

Red hair colour of Britney Spears - Fake but Sexy!

Red hair colour of Britney Spears – Fake but Sexy!

Red hair colour occurs mostly in the extreme western fringes of Europe. Scotland, Wales, England and Ireland lead the pack of countries with a high number of red heads. The highest proportion of red hair colour is in Scotland, with 13 % of the population belonging to this rare category. In this same country some 40% of the population are said to possess this recessive gene in their bodies although this is not evident from a casual examination of an individual’s physical features.

Ireland is the second country in the region in terms of the population of redheads. About 10% of the people who live here are red heads while 40% have the recessive gene that is responsible for red head characteristics. In the US, only between 2 and 6 % of the population is red-headed. However, owing to the country’s massive population, it hosts the highest number of redheads in the whole world.

Sometimes in the past, redheads used to be looked down on as people who were hot tempered and not good to socialize with. With time these perceptions have changed. Today, redheads are considered a special category of people who many people believe are in danger of being driven into extinction.

Natural redheads are best determined through not only the ancestry factor but also the main character traits that are believed to go with this trait. For one, redheads are considered as very short-tempered people. They easily lose their cool when they are confronted with a challenging situation that has an element of hostility. According to Russian traditions there is even a proverb that warns that ‘there is no single saint who had red hair’.  If you read the bible carefully, you will get the hint that King David was thought to be a redhead man.

Natural or A Fake Redhead?

Natural or A Fake Redhead?

In the contemporary world, one of the ways of identifying natural redheads is the manner in which they treat their looks. Redheads are always conscious of their looks. Unlike a fake redhead, they are not fascinated by the excitement that draws people into wanting to have a closer feel of what this strange-appearing hair is all about. In fact, this makes them a little insecure. They fear that their character might be scrutinized more critically on the basis of the appearance of their hair.

The highest level of insecurity is often witnessed among redhead children. As they grow older and older, redhead children are unable to shrug off this sense of insecurity. On the other hand, fake redheads love every moment of the attention that builds up whenever they wear that unique redhead appearance.

Many medical differences have been found out between natural redheads and the rest of the population. Generally, natural redheads have very fair skin that is sensitive to long periods of exposure to the rays of the sun. When they are much exposed to the sun’s rays they develop sun burns and black spots. Their skin may also develop wrinkles when exposed to the sun’s rays for extended periods of time.

You might be surprised to note that human beings have 120,000 hairs on their wonderful heads. What might surprise you even further is the fact that redheads have fewer hairs that the rest of the human race. This is the best way of telling a fake redhead from a natural one apart from the red hair colour itself. Another finding by University of Louisville researchers is that redheads require about 20% more anesthesia than people who are not redheads before the level of sedation that they get can be considered satisfactory.

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