Redhead Day


When even September comes every year, thousands and thousands of individuals with natural red hair colour assemble in the Netherlands’ city of Breda, with pride and real comradeship. Their binding ties are only compounded by the fact that all of them have a read head, most of them natural, and also those trending the red hair by choice. The annual redhead day in Netherlands takes two days in the first weekend of September under the sponsorship of the Netherlands government and therefore admission is free.

The 2008 redhead day was bigger and better than any that has been held in the past. The festival featured a greater focus on the art of coloring the hair red and caring for natural red hair colour. Red hair is becoming a fashion by itself, with most people born with such natural hair spotting it boldly than what has been the trend in earlier years. Redheads used to go to great lengths to color their hair differently to avoid being denoted as redheads. Today, however, even people with natural hair colours differently hued are opting to use henna or artificial hair colors to dye their hair red.

Redhead Day

The redhead day usually incorporates assorted activities related to the red hair phenomenon. During the 2008 redhead day, there were a series of lectures from hair professionals and medical experts, workshops to deliberate on issues relevant to redheads all over the world such as discrimination, and demonstrations by the hair experts of various hairstyles and colours available. Over 20 nationalities have been represented in the redhead day for the last four editions of the festival, bringing in a dynamic richness of cultural backgrounds in which these redheads thrive.

Red hair colour is among the most amazing phenomena in the world until now and the apparent discrimination and social stigma redheads have lived through in past centuries deserves to be celebrated. The population of redheads is higher in European populations especially among the Baltic and Nordic countries, in which Netherlands belongs. Other countries with a higher count of natural redheads include France, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Germany, Albania, Russia and the South Slavic nations. In Europe, redheads account for at most 4% of the population. Only a marginal 2-6% of the US population has natural red hair yet this percentage makes the US the single largest country with natural redheads population of the world. 2-6% of the US population tallies at 6-18 million people compared to 650,000 people in Scotland and only 420,000 redheads in Ireland.

A Cute Readhead on 2008 Redhead Day

Nevertheless, over the years it has been the conception that Netherlands and neighboring countries have a higher population of redheads thus prompting the genesis of the redhead day. Scotland per se has the single highest proportion of redheads for one country, approximated at 13 percent. In Scotland however, the population with the red hair recessive gene is at about 40% of the entire population. Ireland comes in second in the population percentage of natural redheads with 10 percent of Irish people spotting a natural red, auburn or even strawberry-blond hair, while 46% of the rest of the Irish population have the recessive redhead gene. These are the people who attend the redhead day with gusto.

The 2009 redhead day promises to be even more fun since preparations started way back in the beginning of the year. The venue will still be in Breda, Netherlands. If you would like to join the redheads in Netherlands via website, including all information and blogs about the day, you can simply visit

The redhead day is geared at sensitizing redheads about their condition, with medical and social issues being addressed by experts. The interesting learning experiences acquired are some of the reasons why more people are finding the time to join the redheads in Netherlands for the occasion. Modern techniques of caring for the red hair colour, natural or otherwise are also demonstrated by leading hair professionals. This makes it not only fun, but also very informative.

[ad#downcont]In earlier civilizations, redheads have a really troubled history. They were ridiculed and shunned by society, and were also thought to be immoral evil and contemptuous just because of their hair colour. Most were burned with purports of being witches, others were sacrificed to idols and gods, such as in ancient Egypt for a bumper harvest, and others were condemned as insane or evil among many other forms of mistreatment.

Despite that, the redhead day celebrates such prolific and glamorous redheads like Cleopatra, Rita Hayworth, Julianne Moore, Lohan Lindsay.