Shades of Red Hair Dyes

The first step to coming up with the correct shades of red hair is taking a close look at your hands and face. A warm skin tone goes well with a hair dye that is different from the one that is meant for those with a cool skin tone. Those people who have a cool tone will always notice some undertones that might be pink, bluish or olive in color. This is in sharp contrast with warm-toned individuals, who have undertones of gold, peach, yellow or brown. In case you are unable to tell your skin tone, your friend might help.

Determining the color of your eyes is the second step that you need to consider. People with a cool complexion often have black, grey, blue or dark brown eyes. Knowing this puts you in a better position to match the colors of the red hair dyes with facial make up. In case your eyes are green, gold-brown or of hazel color, then you have a warm complexion.

Shades of red hair dyes

Shades of red hair dyes: Ginger, Auburn, Copper, Orange

When you have all this information concerning your skin type, then you can consider yourself ready to make the right shade of red hair dye choice in terms of color. Let’s first consider red hair dyes for people with a cool tone. For these people, shades with high intensity of red are the best. A wild hair dye choice also comes in handy. Shades of red color might be burgundy or bright red.

The second step for people with cool tones is to try and avoid colors that are best described as warm red. These include bronze and red colors which come with a yellow or gold base. The main problem with these colors is their tendency to wash out your entire skin appearance and hence making you appear very shallow.

After you adhere to these instructions, you should finally make the ultimate decision on whether you want shades of red hair that is natural-looking or something that is a little fun to look at. Some of the aforementioned wild colors might not seem so natural, but they make you appear really great! Your red hair colour choice should provide you with the final answer.

Choosing perfect red hair dyes for people with warm skin tones might be a rather tricky thing to do. Basically, there are four main steps to follow the, first one being to get the warmest shades of red that you can lay your hands on affordably. You may choose from mahogany, rich auburn, or any red color that has a rich golden base to it.

The second step is trying to avoid bright shades of red hair colour as much as you can. They are notorious for washing out your natural color. Rich red colors are what you need to stick to all the time. Make the decision on whether the correct shade for you is red hair that looks really natural or something that is rather out of the ordinary and hence more fun. In case you want to go the natural way, choose a red that has a rich orange base.

Shades of redhair dyes: Red brown, brown red

Shades of redhair dyes: Red brown, bright red

There are some warnings that you should be aware of when choosing red hair dyes. One thing you should never assume is that your professional knows what mahogany is when you are talking about the kind of dye that interests you most. Therefore, it will help a great deal if you can carry your photograph for purposes of illustration!

Note that red hair dyes fade much faster than many other types of dyes. Therefore, it might be important to consider making use of some special shampoos that have the ability to help the dye stick to the red hair for a longer period of time.

It is not a must that you seek the services of professionals; you may do the job in the comfort of your home. Alternatively, you may have someone do it for you, perhaps a friend or a member of the family. There are many products in the market which are sophisticated in terms of effectiveness but which are very easy to use. The only thing that you might fail to get at home is that dramatic effect that salon experts always give to your red hair.

In case you have decided to do the dying work at home, you have to begin by picking the correct red hair colour. It should be in the right colour category. This is an important consideration that will save you from getting horrible highlights or root retouches that are highly botched. The biggest mistake occurs in the form of either under or over-processing. It might also be in the form of simply not being able to dye the hair that is at the back of your head.

First of all, understand what is at your disposal and where you would like to be as long as looks are concerned. If your hair is brown, you can never go blonde with any box color; but in case you dream of going from getting the correct shade for your style such as rich red color or even on the much deeper side, then it is very possible.

Flame red herbal hair dye

Flame red herbal hair dye

This chemical free herbal hair dye with a shade of flame red color your hair gently. For shiny and smooth red hair: