Red Underwear

New Year is a special time for almost every individual in the globe. This is the time we say goodbye to a year that has been and embrace a new year with hope and anticipation. It represents a chance to start all over again what we have done right and correct the wrong in preceding years. The New Year represents a time in which we look inside and analyze both our lives and ourselves. We come up with resolutions and objectives for the New Year based on what we feel to have been done wrongly or not done at all. It is therefore understandable why you would like your New Year to start with good tidings, with luck and blessings.

Red lingerie as New Year tradition

In Italy especially, celebrating New Year in Red underwear is an age-old New Year tradition that has roots in the Italian ancient culture. Today it has become almost a worldwide fashion statement. However, many people still regard the tradition as an Italian custom.

Generally however, it has been a popular culture among most societies of the world to solicit for New Year luck in red underwear. Cladding in red underwear on New Year’s Eve is a popular New Year tradition that has a taste of fashion and style. Most people believe that it is a trick to get the New Year goals on to an enthusiastic start. This is mainly because wearing red lingerie is a personal decision that doesn’t get to be known or seen by many people besides yourself and probably your loved one. As such the move is aimed more at uplifting your self-esteem, morale and moods than it is meant to show others. In a way wearing the red lingerie is like prophesying to you that the coming year will be one of happiness, joy, romance and prosperity.

Just like eating fish on New Year’s Eve is a good luck tradition among the Caribbean denizens, or eating grapes and oranges in Japan, wearing red underwear on New Year’s Eve has become a trendy tradition for many. Among the Italians for instance, wearing red underwear on the eve of New Year brings hopes for virility, money, prosperity and happiness in the coming year. According to some quarters which have embraced the trend in western nations, anything that boosts your hopes for the New Year is worth trying. If red underwear helps you achieve that then you have every right to shop for your set of red underwear.

Indeed, dreaming of happiness, of love and of prosperity in the New Year is not a very far-fetched idea when you are in red lingerie. There is no other color that can carry with it a greater connotation of happiness, of romance, of prosperity and of passion than red. It has been said than most men are color blind and that red is the only color they can make out distinctly. Well, why not try it on your loved one? Wearing red underwear on New Year’s Eve might send those messages he has not been discerning this entire time. Probably it is in this New Year that you two will elevate the relationship to that new level you have been dreaming of for so long. Some authentic studies conducted in recent years have established that women look incredibly younger, slimmer and lovelier when wearing red, whether it is an outfit or lingerie. As such the New Year tradition of wearing red underwear might actually work.

red lingerie in New Year's Eve

The traditional has actually caught on in Spain. Some even say that wearing red underwear on New Year’s Eve has been a Spanish tradition all along. According to these sources Spaniards wear red underwear during New Year celebrations to bring in tidings of good luck to the coming year. If you go to Puerta Del Sol this year during the New Year’s Eve celebrations you will enjoy the usual family dinner of shrimp and turkey or lamb as the countdown to midnight is closely followed from the Casa de Correos building clock (Puerta del Sol Square, Madrid). Once the clock strikes midnight the toasting and drinking will start. You can bet that most of those people toasting sparkling wine and champagne will be in red panties and bras from Chantelle at Harrods. For the Spaniards both eating of grapes and wearing of red underwear on New Year’s Eve symbolize good luck in the coming year.

For Italians good luck for the New Year is solicited by eating lentils and as many sausages as possible, of course wearing red underwear. Women in Naples will most definitely be shopping for their red panties now in preparation of observing the New Year tradition in style. If you have a beloved one in or from Italy, Spain, Japan, or any other region for that matter, you should consider giving then a set of red lingerie for New Year luck as long as such a gift is in line with your relationship. If not, get yourself some and welcome the New Year in good tidings. It never hurts to spoil ourselves during the holiday seasons or putting your hopes upon the skies when welcoming a new year. Happy holidays and Buon Anno!

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