Red wall paint

Just imagine how dramatically your home can be changed with red walls. Most of the people are scared of red wall paint but your home may gain a sexy, romantic, intimate, stylish and a brand new look with red wall paint.

Red wall paint can be used in the living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms; shortly anywhere at home. Especially if you think your room is large enough, don’t hesitate for red walls.  A cold and large room will turn into a hot and intimate place immediately with red wall paint. If your room is small and dark, then a red accent wall for an ecru or beige color will give the same effect. Just one red accent wall will change the interior design completely as if you changed all your furniture. A nice patterned wallpaper with red features is also another idea. Creativity is required as much as boldness for interior design.

red wall paint

Red wall paint

However, you need to take care to choose the correct shade of red wall paint. To determine the correct shade of red wall painting, take the lighting of the room and the color of your furniture into consideration. You better try the red wall paint on your wall before painting the entire wall to see how it looks.

Blue based red shades or deep burgundy looks fine with natural wooden furniture in the dining or living room. It gives a warmth to whole family when gathered together. Also a bright red wall paint will make your neutral color sofa stand out.

If you have black furniture, bright red wall paint will give a modern and elegant look. Candle lights in a red room with black sofa will help you spend many romantic and passionate evenings.

Red is also one of the most frequently used color for kitchen walls. If you like brilliant colors, you can use the brightest red wall paints in the kitchen.  Whether you prefer Tuscan themed kitchen, or a modern American kitchen design, just choose the correct shade of red and go on painting. Especially if your kitchen gets a lot of sunlight, there is no reason to hesitate. For a Tuscan themed kitchen, darker shades of red like burgundy and for modern American kitchen design, spicy shades of red will look fabulous. Spicy shades of red look great with stainless steel appliances. However, you have various options for shades of red in the kitchen from tomato red to ruby red. If your kitchen is closed off and small or too hot, use red wall paint just for accent.

Red wall paint in the bathroom is also a good idea as several shades of red goes well with steel or gold fixtures and granite or wooden stuff in the bathroom. Red walls will give a modern look to your bathroom and make you fell more energetic in the mornings. Generally most of the bathrooms are not large enough to paint all the walls in red. But if you insist on a shade of red on all the walls of your bathroom instead of a red accent wall, use mirrors to make it look larger.

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